Collapsible Storage Bins and Other Functional Toy Storage Solutions for Busy Moms

Stepping on Legos is only the beginning of toy troubles for busy moms. Toy trucks, giant stuffed animals and a seemingly infinite amount of Barbies seem to conspire to clutter your living space. Large bins are an easy place to throw toys at the end of the day, but they take up room in your living space even when the room is clean. Luckily, clever moms around the world have found great ways to save space by integrating toy storage with functional furniture or decor.

Here are some more great ideas:

Repurposed Bookshelves

Bookshelves are not usually a great solution for kids storage because your little ones can’t reach the top shelf. However, some moms have figured out that toppling a bookshelf onto its side can be an effective window seat toy storage area. All you need are two long thin bookshelves and some cushions to add to the long side to make a lovely window seat. Complete the new window seats¬†with collapsible storage bins to hold all the toys. Since all the bins are at floor level, your little ones can easily access them, play and maybe even put the toys away.

Door Hanging Barbie Organizer

Have you ever noticed that Barbies are about the same dimensions as shoes? Some moms have started filling their over-door shoe organizers with Barbies instead. The little dolls fit snugly into the shoe slots. The Barbies even stay upright, which can be more appealing than tossing favored toys in a big bin. Plus, the door organizer doesn’t take away space from your living area.

Magnetic Car Garage

Toy cars seem to travel in large packs and always end up wherever you want to walk. Park your child’s toy car collection on the walls by installing magnetic strips. Most toy cars will stick to the magnetic strips. The cars are displayed on the wall instead of lost under the couch. The strips can be installed at your child’s level for easy access and nightly “parking.” Magnetic strips are another solution that doesn’t require adding more furniture or large storage bins. Your child simply stores the cars on the wall itself.

Be an inventor

No one has sold a shoe organizer as a Barbie storage area. Clever moms just tried to make the best use of their space. Sometimes the best choice is a space saving solution like magnetic strips. However, under bed storage boxes or a storage bench¬†are also excellent solutions for mom’s looking to save space but store toys. When trying to organize toys wisely, it’s important to think outside the box.